Cost of living: Sheffielders sitting on £17.3million in unclaimed pension credit – here’s how to claim it

Pension Credit provides people with extra money to help cover living expenses if they are over the statutory retirement age and have low income. It can also help cover housing costs such as rent or service charges.

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It tops up weekly earnings to £182.60 for singles or £278.70 for partners and some can get extra if they have other responsibilities and costs.

Around more than 620 people in Sheffield are deprived of a pension credit worth up to £3,300 a year, which is intended to help with the cost of living.

Policy in Practice – a social policy analysis and software company working with councils, government, housing providers and community organizations – estimated there was £17.3million of unclaimed credit in Sheffield.

He said the calculations were based on analysis of StatXplore data from February 2022, which shows figures from the Department for Work and Pensions, and could even be higher.

Guy Opperman, former Secretary of State for Pensions, said: “We are doing all we can to promote Pension Credit knowing how much this extra support, worth an average of over £3,300 a year, could be for retirees across the country.

“We urge anyone with retired family, friends and loved ones to check in with them and see if they might be eligible.”

How to claim a pension credit

Applications can be launched up to four months before someone reaches statutory retirement age and apply any time thereafter. It can be predated by three months.

Retirees can apply online, by phone or by mail.

It will be administered by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

The DWP will ask for information such as national insurance number and income, savings and investments.

Retirees will also need their bank details. Depending on how they apply, they may also be asked for the bank or building society name, sort code and account number.

The online claim form and details of where to post a claim and how to claim over the phone can be found here:

Pension credit calculator

The Government’s Pension Credit Calculator, which helps people work out how much they might be entitled to, can be found here:

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