Chris Salese: The Loan Ranger of Napa: The Mortgage Rate Cruise Ship | Business


The time of dreams

If you are wondering where the summer of 2021 has gone, you are not alone. It went fast and now it’s officially over. However, the past summer brought back tons of familiar activities and normalcy for many of us.

For example, the start of a new school year with once again crowded in-person learning at college football stadiums across the country and our local BottleRock Music Festival weekend.

OK, maybe the 2021 versions of each one weren’t exactly as you remembered them from years past, with the exception of the crowded college football stadiums of course, but whatever, it’s a positive progress towards the ‘before.

Unfortunately, there is something else that has also gained a bit of momentum. I’m not talking about those sticky interest rate ads you find on the front pages of some of the major Bay Area regional newspapers.

You know what I’m talking about, the little square ad that looks very patriotic in an almost red, white, and blue color scheme. The pantyhose peels off easily, but it’s rather difficult to read the disclosure language on the reverse side of it.

My eyesight is probably deteriorating because I cannot read the disclosure language in this font size. I can only take a picture of it on my phone and zoom in to read it clearly that way. I’m sure everyone is doing it.

Anyway, I am referring to the direction of home loan rates. For those of you who have been on a cruise ship before, you should appreciate this visual.


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