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The green thumb spreads with the philanthropic spirit of Central Saanich.

Donors who wish to remain anonymous pledge to match donations of up to $2,000 to the recently approved Central Saanich Community Garden between Feb. 1-21 as the organization continues its fundraising campaign.

Sander Eijgenraam, president of the Central Saanich Community Garden Society, said the society hopes to raise $5,000 for the community garden on Clarke Road as part of its fundraiser launched Jan. 20. The donors themselves have already given the company a guarantee for $5,000, he added.

All donations will be used to set up and operate the community garden.

“The big items are fencing, wood and soil, which are the basic necessities to be able to do the garden, to make sure deer and other animals don’t eat what we’re trying to grow,” a- he declared.

Once the company has secured those three items, it hopes to build the garden in the last two weeks of March to minimize the impact on the neighborhood, he said.

Eijgenraam said the band is also considering other elements. “So we’re talking about a shed, we’re talking about tools, simple gardening tools, we’re looking to do some irrigation,” he said.

Eijgenraam said individuals can donate money online, adding that the company also reaches out to the community through its website and social media. “And we started talking to some local businesses, to see if they were interested in supporting us,” he said, adding that the company is also hoping for physical donations of smaller items such as tools from individuals. .

The company hopes to have the garden up and running with around 20 plots by early April. Eijgenraam said the company’s waiting list currently includes about 25 names.

The Central Saanich Board gave final approval to the project in the fall of 2021.

Donations can be made to gofund.me/e17a8460.

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