Carlisle mayor says ‘enough is enough’ after yet more reports of anti-social behavior

CARLISLE Mayor Pam Birks said “enough is enough” when it comes to anti-social behavior in the city.

His comments come after Cumbria Police attended an incident on Monday night in Scotch Street following yet more reports of anti-social behavior and criminal damage.

Police were also seen patrolling The Lanes and Globe Street following anti-social behavior in the area.

Carlisle Mayor Pam Birks believes a ‘zero tolerance’ approach must now be taken to tackle the behavior within the city.

She said: ‘There seems to be an increase in anti-social behavior at the moment and it’s almost as if the police can’t be there all the time.

“In the city center we feel like there are gangs of young people who think they can do whatever they want, so maybe we should have zero tolerance and instead of giving just warnings.

“Maybe we should go further and say enough is enough.

“We’ve been handing out these dispersal orders and all these remedial actions have happened, but maybe with these young people parents should know where they are at night and if they’re not, and that’s going to affect parents pocket so maybe it will make parents more aware of where their kids are or maybe they will have those conversations with their teenager saying ‘look it’s not on “.

“The police are doing their best, but if things don’t work out, maybe we need to be less lenient.

“I would absolutely hate to think there’s going to be a generation of young people with criminal convictions, but maybe that’s where we’ve come to.”

The mayor said she believed many of the problems could be the result of the Covid pandemic, with children not attending school to participate in essential program activities that aim to end anti-social behavior in cities around the world. country.

She said: “I wonder if it’s because the young people who come here have had to deal with Covid and they haven’t been to school to take the citizenship classes on understanding respect and the consequences of their actions.

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