Calls for more police, more CCTV to curb the rise in anti-social behavior in Ribble Valley

The councilors are asking for the installation of additional police officers and CCTV cameras following an upsurge in anti-social behavior by young people in their district.

Ribble Valley Conservative councilors Ged Mirfin and Ricky Newmark raised the issue at a Borough Council Parish Liaison Committee meeting in late June, only to reiterate the need for increased oversight this week, at the following an incident in which teenagers caused damage to Whalley Abbey. .

During the meeting, advisers spoke with Ribble Valley Inspector Andy Ainsworth and questioned new Lancashire Police Chief Chris Rowley about police funding for the region as well as the impact of the new rural working group.

Whalley Parish Council Deputy Chairman June Brown asked if the Chief of Police “supports the extension of CCTV across the Ribble Valley” and how “he intended to work with parish councils to improve CCTV coverage in villages like Whalley “following a request to Ribble Valley Council for more cameras.

Mr Rowley said video surveillance was a “cost effective tool” for crime prevention and detection and would support attempts to provide more extensive video surveillance coverage across the Ribble Valley; while Inspector Ainsworth said one of his key priorities would be to “carry out an immediate assessment of the borough’s existing video surveillance to get a first-hand view of its capabilities”, in order to recommend improvements.

Ribble Valley Council Community Services Committee Chair Cllr Ricky Newmarket, who represents Sabden, welcomed any help police could provide to improve CCTV coverage and the benefits that could be provided to police for support efforts to deter and combat crime through the use of such surveillance systems.

Cllr Mirfin, who represents Whalley and Painter Wood, supported the need for more CCTV and said there was still a gap in rural policing in the Ribble Valley and more police were needed in their villages.

He said that “Cllr Newmark’s comments have taken on added urgency in Whalley following several instances of large-scale antisocial behavior on the sands, in the abbey and in the center of the village following the recent match. football in England.

Whalley Parish Council has submitted a request to Ribble Valley Council to upgrade their existing CCTV system, as well as more coverage at more sites in seven other locations in the village where anti-social behavior is concentrated. .

“Funding the Safer Streets, Safer Towns and Safer Communities initiatives through the Home Office would have been beneficial, but the Ribble Valley had not been a successful recipient of such money. ”

Following the incident at Whalley Abbey on Sunday, in which young people were caught climbing windows, damaging the garden, breaking fences, ransacking flowers and shouting obscenities, Reverend Adam Thomas, patron of the abbey, reported that for five of the last nine nights, the teens had been seen in the park, wreaking havoc and mistreating him and his wife.

He said: “Our local police are excellent. But there is simply not enough. They are too stretched. The next step for us is CCTV and security in a place of worship and a sanctuary. ”

Residents reiterated Reverend Thomas’ call and echoed the sentiments of the council, with one Facebook user commenting, “Cameras everywhere will put an end to this.

While a resident wrote angrily: “Film it and paste it on social media. Shame them and let everyone see.

“Maybe take a picture of them and have it printed with their parents. I’m sure they would think twice before starting over.

Another wrote: “Anti-social behavior is everywhere in our village. We need cameras everywhere. Get those kids before it gets any worse.

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