Call for traffic measures on King Edward Quay in Colchester

A CALL was launched to introduce traffic measures to tackle “reckless drivers and young runners” by using a stretch of road as a “race track” during the day.

Residents of King Edward Quay in Colchester have banded together to start a petition calling for a lower speed limit and traffic calming measures along their busy road.

The group says the road, accessible via Distillery Lane to the west and Haven Road to the east, is frequently abused by speeding.

He said: “This reckless and illegal behavior appears to be appealing due to the long stretch of straight road with no visible speed limit or standard street lights to define it as a public road.

“During the day, many motorists detour to Haven Road if it is very busy or flooded, then accelerate dangerously along the narrow platform in an attempt to get around the traffic.

“Later that night, often after midnight, young racers use King Edward Quay as a meeting point and then as part of a racetrack loop with adjacent Haven Road.”

The group said drivers often perform reckless maneuvers, including “wheel spins and donuts.”

He added: “Not only does speed pose a serious risk of physical damage, it also creates significant noise distress affecting everyone.”

The group is calling on the Highways Department of Essex County Council to introduce one of many measures, including the implementation of a ‘no motor vehicles except for access’ zone.

Other suggested measures include the implementation of a maximum speed limit of 20 mph, or even road bumps.

An Essex Highways spokesperson said: “The best way to get things done is to speak to your local Essex County Councilor who can raise the issue at the next Local Highways panel.

“Any traffic management problem raised within the local roads committee can then be investigated.

“We also advise you to report any antisocial or unsafe behavior on the road to Essex Police.”

Anyone who sees antisocial behavior can report it to the police by calling 101 or 999 in an emergency.

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