Bradford Tesco store installs barriers after ASB issues

BARRIERS were installed at the entrance to a Bradford supermarket which had become a magnet for anti-social behaviour.

Earlier this year, the Telegraph & Argus reported that the issues appeared to center on yobbish driving.

Black tire marks rolled up across much of the car park at the Tesco Extra store in Great Horton.

Some of the marks on the floor earlier this year

They formed large circles, indicating that the supermarket lot was used as an open space for drivers or cyclists to make “doughnuts”, as they are sometimes called.

Tesco and West Yorkshire Police acknowledged ASB was a problem in the car park and the Bradford South Ward Police (NPT) team said it had been going on for a few months.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The new Tesco Extra car park barrierThe new Tesco Extra car park barrier

At the time, Inspector Andy Thornton, of the Bradford South NPT, told the Telegraph & Argus: “We have been working closely with Tesco and Bradford Council for several months to try to resolve the issues.

“A number of environmental remedies are currently under consideration and we support the powers of the Council under the Protection of Public Spaces Ordinance (PSPO).

“Our neighborhood police teams will continue to be in the area and respond to calls regarding anti-social behavior.”

The store is open to shoppers until midnight every day except Sunday and Tesco said it was “exploring options” to bring the issue under control.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The car park had been the victim of anti-social behaviorThe car park had been the victim of incivility

Following the installation of the new barriers, a Tesco spokesperson said: ‘We are delighted that the Bradford Extra car park barrier will enable more responsible use of the car park and we will continue to work with the council and local police to be a good neighbour.”

“Working with other police services, the local council and other partnerships to tackle anti-social behavior in the area of ​​Beldon Road, Ashton Avenue and the Tesco store”, is still listed as a Great Horton area priority for the police men.

Earlier this year, the PSPO aimed at tackling harmful vehicles in the district was extended for three years in a move hailed by West Yorkshire Police.

Inspector Nick Haigh, who works with the Steerside Law Enforcement Team which tackles anti-social and criminal use of Bradford’s roads, said: “The anti-social use of motor vehicles in the district continues to be one of the most important concerns of our communities.”

The ordinance, which covers the whole of the district of Bradford, was introduced following the widely documented problems of anti-social conduct in the town.

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