Blackburn with Darwen’s crime hotspots revealed

New data has revealed the areas of Blackburn with Darwen with the highest number of crime reports.

According to police data, which was collected between March and August 2021, Blackburn with Darwen had the third highest number of reports of crime in Lancashire.

Over the five-month period, 11,934 crimes were reported in Blackburn, with Darwen only beaten by Preston (13,460 reported crimes) and Blackpool (18,009 reported crimes).

Compared to the population of Blackburn with Darwen, that averages 8.1 crime reports per 100 people.

According to the data, the most frequently reported crimes were related to antisocial behavior (4551), followed by violent and sexual offenses (3533).

Blackburn areas with Darwen with highest number of crime reports

Using the data, outbreaks of crime were identified using “LSOA zones”.

According to the data, the outskirts of Blackburn along with downtown Darwen had some of the highest crime reports in a five month period.

Specifically, the watershed between Bank Top and Montague Street had 731 reported crimes between March and August.

This area has seen the highest number of Blackburn burglary reports with Darwen (23).

It is also a hot spot for antisocial behavior (230) and shoplifting (151).

Another targeted patch is between George Street and Earl Street in Blackburn. 436 crimes were reported here over a five-month period, the majority of which were anti-social behavior.

A Lancashire Police spokesperson said: ‘We appreciate the fact that all crime has a victim and when an area experiences a spike in crime it negatively impacts residents and business owners .

“That’s why we regularly monitor crime trends to make sure our resources are where they’re needed most, at the right time.

“We are aware of the problems on the outskirts of downtown Blackburn and have dedicated targeted patrols in the area.

“Funding has also been secured specifically for crime prevention, including improving video surveillance, improving lighting and participating in educational work.”

The interactive map below shows where all of the reported crime took place in each neighborhood in Blackburn with Darwen.

Click to see how many have been reported in your area.

Which city in Lancashire has the most reported crimes?

According to police data, which was collected between March and August 2021, Blackpool is the Lancashire town with the highest number of crime reports (18009).

It is the 37th highest on the list, ahead of many other cities such as Portsmouth and Middlesbrough.

Compared to the population estimate, Blackpool’s crime reports are one of the highest (average of 12.7 crime reports per 100 people) in the country beaten by the City of London and Westminster.

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