BC Minister of Social Affairs warns Pawan to be careful with his tongue

Backward Class Welfare Minister Ch. Venu Gopala Krishna on Saturday alleged that Jana Sena Party (JSP) Chairman Pawan Kalyan was deliberately encouraging young people and members of certain communities to gain political momentum.

Mr. Venu Gopala Krishna was reacting to Mr. Pawan Kalyan’s observations at a public meeting in Hukumpeta in the East Godavari district.

Addressing the media here, the minister said: “It is unfortunate that Mr. Pawan Kalyan has chosen Gandhi Jayanthi to challenge the YSRCP in a political battle. The head of the JSP even asked the YSRCP to choose the combat mode.

Mr. Pawan Kalyan should change the way he addresses public representatives and political parties, the minister said.

“Sir. Pawan Kalyan appealed to the Kapu, Ontari and Balija communities to unite and fight against the YSRCP. Such a political ideology is contrary to the spirit of democracy,” Venu Gopala said. Krishna.

“The president of the JSP will be regarded as an anti-social element if he does not correct his social behavior and his language by which he tries to create a wedge between the castes and the communities”, warned Mr. Venu Gopala Krishna.

Regarding JSP’s “shramadaan” in Hukumpeta, the minister said Mr. Pawan Kalyan’s attempt was only to gain public attention.

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