Bamboo Health announces increased risk, defining the next generation of care management with Real-Time Care Intelligence™

Breakthrough solution provides providers and care coordinators with real-time prioritization of new high-risk patients and patient engagement tools to streamline follow-up workflows

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky, November 14, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bamboo Health™, the leader in Real-Time Care Intelligence™, announced a new solution, Rising Risk, a real-time risk stratification and patient engagement tool that quickly identifies new high-risk patients who may miss traditional stratification models. The solution helps organizations quickly identify, analyze and intervene with this cohort to provide them with the care they need for better outcomes and cost savings, while delivering personalized experiences that build deep relationships with patients, in large scale.

Health care faces an unsustainable crisis in which a small minority of patients drive the bulk of health care spending in the United States. Only 5% of patients account for almost half of total expenditure. This cohort includes patients with chronic conditions, whose care needs often increase rapidly and who tend to end up in a high-cost care setting. The members of this patient group also change significantly from year to year, making care management even more complex.

To solve this problem, providers and care managers have had to rely on lagging claims data or analyze anecdotal notes from care teams to try to identify patients who may soon become at risk for health complications or requiring additional care. Often, if clinical data is used, it does not go beyond a single health system, adding further complexity and fragmentation to an already inefficient process. Care managers are often at capacity and patients can fall through the cracks. As a result, patients are not identified as high-risk or high-cost until they already are, hampering the ability of providers to intervene and coordinate care effectively.

Advanced Workflow Analytics extends the power of the Bamboo Health Real-Time Care Intelligence platform within Rising Risk to proactively identify and engage emerging high-risk patients in real-time considering care events as well as social determinants of health to improve patient experience and outcomes.

Rising Risk is powered by the Bamboo Health Smart Signals™ network which supports providers, payers, pharmacies and state governments through its extensive platform in all 50 states. The network makes Rising Risk unique, allowing it to identify patients with rapidly increasing care needs in real time and across state lines.

“Rising Risk helps identify patients most likely to benefit from the intervention of our care management teams, so that we can focus our resources on patients who need support,” said Khadija Poitras-Rhea, vice -Associate President of Population Health at UConn Health. “For example, we had a patient identified by the solution who had not otherwise been on our nurse navigator’s radar, but who had visited the emergency department about 20 times in the past two months. We reached out hand and learned that transportation issues were making it difficult to visit his primary care physician. We were able to help him overcome this hurdle and not only reduce ER visits, but he also feels have an ally and better tools to manage your health care.

Risk model

Rising Risk provides providers, payers and care management teams with complete and accurate patient identification through robust predictive analytics. The innovative risk scoring model leverages Bamboo Health’s real-time national Admissions, Discharges and Transfers (ADT) network for utilization awareness in addition to data that encompasses the social determinants of health. With Rising Risk, corporate clients can:

  • Improve the speed and accuracy of patient identification with risk scoring model adjustments from user input over time

  • Increase care management program enrollment

  • Provide high quality patient care


Rising Risk goes beyond a patient risk management solution, providing workflow functionality to keep care management teams aligned.

  • Identify the key patient group to focus on for short durations

  • Set up follow-up reminders to meet deadlines in value-based care contracts

  • Enroll patients in managed care services

  • Add pop-up notes in patient profile for other care team members

Patient involvement

With Rising Risk, Bamboo Health customers can now use the solution’s workflow tool to engage patients through its user-friendly interface:

  • Engage hard-to-reach patients via in-app workflow tool

  • Communicate with the patient by phone and text to coordinate care

  • Use a scheduling wizard to book follow-ups quickly and easily

“Waiting months for claims data to assess an ever-changing patient population will not help providers achieve desired outcomes in value-based care,” said Rob Cohen, CEO of Bamboo Health. “Rising Risk is a game-changer for healthcare, enabling organizations to deliver on the promise of better patient outcomes at a lower cost.”

To learn more about Rising Risk and how it contributes to smooth care transitions, reduces care coordination costs and healthcare expenses, and promotes better overall outcomes, visit our website.

About bamboo health

Bamboo Health, the leader in Real-Time Care Intelligence™, provides actionable insights into a patient’s physical, behavioral and social health, empowering healthcare professionals to deliver the right care at the right time for the right outcomes. Delivered through our Smart Signals™ network – the nation’s largest and most interoperable care collaboration community – our insights improve more than 1 billion patient encounters annually at more than 2,500 hospitals, 8,000 post-acute care, 25,000 pharmacies, 32 health plans, 50 state governments, and 1 million acute and outpatient providers. Connect with Bamboo Health at Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Visit to learn more.

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