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CLEARWATER, FL – American Vitiligo Research Foundation (AVRF) Founder and President Stella Pavlides provided an update on the nonprofit’s efforts to “pay it forward”.

Founded in 1995, AVRF is the world’s only humanitarian charity for vitiligo, according to Greek-American Pavlides who developed vitiligo in his early twenties. Each year, the AVRF organizes a children’s retreat for young people with a life-changing skin disorder. Pavlides told the National Herald that “The AVRF has completed our 2021 children’s retreat and although smaller than usual it was still a great success…

She continued: “This year we have given to our local humanitarian society [Humane Society of Pinellas], since it is a ‘no kill’ [shelter]. I started the Pay-It-Forward program many years ago, and my goal was for our children to focus not only on themselves, but on others as well. “

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AVRF Founder and President Stella Pavlides met with US Congressman Gus Bilirakis from Florida. Photo: Courtesy of Stella Pavlides

Darren Rivera, director of annual giving and grants for the Humane Society of Pinellas, thanked Pavlides and AVRF in a letter. He wrote: “On behalf of the Humane Society of Pinellas animals and the staff who care for them, thank you for the impressive collection of toys, accessories and comforts that the American Vitiligo Research Foundation has made. donation to our shelter.

Rivera continued, “The Humane Society of Pinellas is the county’s largest deathless refuge and has served the community for over 70 years. We rely on the kindness, compassion and generosity of individual donors and organizational partners such as the AVRF to help prevent animal homelessness and provide care and assistance to animals in need. The items you donated will provide the dogs and cats in our care with an enrichment to fill their days with vital mental stimulation, exercise and help them feel more comfortable and at ease during their stay. with us while waiting to be adopted into their forever homes.

Pavlides also informed TNH of efforts to find new treatments and even a cure for vitiligo. She said that “currently I’m working with Greek-American doctor Nick Theodosakis, a dermatologist at Harvard / Massachusetts General Hospital. He works for Dr. David E. Fisher, the chair of dermatology.

As Pavlides told TNH in a previous interview, Dr Fisher “believes he has a good chance of ending the suffering of those affected by vitiligo by finding an effective treatment or a cure. The only thing preventing for that to happen is the lack of funds. “

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American Vitiligo Research Foundation (AVRF) Founder and President Stella Pavlides shared an update on the AVRF Children’s Retreat and “Pay it Forward.” Photo: Courtesy of Stella Pavlides

Dr Fisher wrote to Pavlides: “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with you my enthusiasm for the wonderful work you do, advocating for patients (and especially children) who suffer from Vitiligo. As you know, Vitiligo is a debilitating disease that results from the loss of pigment-producing cells in the skin. This results in patches of depigmentation which can have major psychological consequences. Some have described vitiligo as a cosmetic condition, but this is incorrect because the consequences of vitiligo run much deeper than a cosmetic label would suggest.

“As we have discussed, the science behind the development of vitiligo has grown at an exciting rate. Discoveries are being made, regarding genes that may be associated with vitiligo. And there are certain drugs that can cause it. vitiligo, offering important clues to causation and, hopefully, effective treatments over time.

“As research has progressed, we know the pace of discovery has not been adequate. Those of us working in the trenches hope to gain clinically actionable information soon, but we know the challenges our patients face are formidable. We stand in solidarity with patients, their families and loved ones, advocating strongly for support for more research and resources to help discover better treatment options. And we stand in solidarity with the AVRF and you, who are dedicated to helping countless children and other patients with vitiligo. I salute your wonderful mission and am happy to support you in your wonderful work.

More information about donating to the AVRF is available online: https://www.avrf.org/.


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