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A team of specialists dedicated to tackling anti-social behavior in Gloucester have served a restraining order on a man to curb his harmful behavior and are asking the public to report any breaches to ensure the punishment works.

Djafarou Ousmane, from Gloucester, received a Civil Injunction for Anti-Social Behavior (ASBI) on September 28 in Cheltenham and Gloucester County Court.

The court order prohibits Mr. Ousmane from:

  • Engage in conduct which causes or is likely to cause concern, harassment and distress to any person within the boundaries of Gloucester.
  • Use or threaten to use violence against any person within the boundaries of Gloucester.
  • Entering or being in the Matson area (specifically the area bordered by Matson Lane to the west and north, Painswick Road to the east and Sneedhams Road, Winnycroft Lane and Corncroft Lane to the south).

The granting of the restraining order follows numerous reports to police from members of the public and businesses in the Matson area that Ousmane was engaging in anti-social behavior, including abusive and threatening comments, violence and bullying. He also frequently shoplifted.

The case was brought by Solace, a joint team of officers from Gloucestershire Police, Cheltenham City Council and Gloucester City Council.

Comfort officer Matt Roberts said: ‘This kind of behavior is not acceptable. Ousmane caused a number of problems in Matson, as well as in other parts of Gloucester. He insulted and intimidated members of the public and caused disruption to local businesses and places of worship. Our hope is that this order provides some protection for the community.

Local Area Police Inspector Si Motala said: “Through engagement with our communities, we have identified this man as responsible for ongoing anti-social behavior in the Matson area. It is completely unacceptable. I am convinced that this injunction will help to curb his behavior but above all to reduce the impact on the community. However, it is important that communities are aware of this injunction so that people can report any violations to us and we can understand if it is working or if further action is needed. Mr. Ousmane can be arrested if he violates these conditions.

The order will remain in effect until September 28, 2023.

Anyone seeing Mr Ousmane breaching his ASBI is asked to contact the police on 101 or the Solace team on 01452 396396.

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